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Hearing & Speech Center
A Word From Our Patients
Dear Dr. Letzter,

I do not think I can properly express just how pleased I am with my new hearing aid.
Your analysis of my particular hearing loss and recommendation of the type of hearing aid that would serve me best was RIGHT ON TARGET!
The difference in my professional and personal life is simply incredible!
My fear of attending business meetings and social events due to my hearing loss has completely disappeared. I now go with full confidence that I will not miss out on any of the conversation or be embarrassed by not hearing a comment directed at me .
Thank you so very much.

Charlie K.


What can I say to the most wonderful Audiologists and Speech Pathologists that I have ever met. When I had no place to turn, suddenly I found your website. It was like somebody sent me a gift. My daughter, Megan, was 7 years old at the time, and she was having such difficulty in school. I tried to find information on children who seem to not learn and who always seem to be distracted. I went to different health professionals including psychologists. Nobody could help Megan. Then I made an appointment with Harmony. You guys suggested that Megan have Central Auditory Processing tests. At first, I was not sure that I wanted her to have the tests. You guided me and I am so glad that I trusted you. Megan was diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder. With your guidance and recommendation, she is now doing so much better in school. She is finally getting the right help. Thank you so very much. You are the best. Thank you again and again.

Tina G.


Thank you Dr. Letzter.

 As a mother, I never thought that I would hear my child say "Mommy". When I found out my child was born with a moderate hearing loss I was devastated. My pediatrician recommended your Center. You spent hours counseling me and explaining what can be done for my child to assist him in hearing better. The first time I heard him say "Mommy" was the greatest joy I have ever experienced in my life. Thank you and your wonderful team for helping my child to hear and speak and to give me the joy that every parent wants to experience.

Annie J.


"I love hearing loops. I am so glad I have t-coils in my hearing aids so I can benefit from a hearing loop. The first time I was in a looped room, I had tears in my eyes; they were tears of joy and amazement. The sound was so clear I imagined the speaker standing on my shoulder talking into my hearing aid."  

Ellen Semel