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Considering The Purchase Of Hearing Aids?

Are you considering the purchase of hearing aids? If you have made the decision to improve your hearing ability with the assistance of hearing aids then there are several important points you should consider prior to making a decision as to which type of hearing aids you should be fitted with.

Important Points To Know

First point - Remember, that the fitting of hearing aids should be carried out by a licensed Audiologist who has specialized training in the diagnosis and measurement of hearing loss. The Audiologist will be able to determine your candidacy for amplification as well as to which style hearing aids will be most beneficial for your particular needs. 

The next point to consider - Following your consultation with your Audiologist you will have to consider several key points about the hearing aids before a final decision is made. To begin with, you must decide if you would like to be fitted with a hearing aid in one or both of your ears. Although, it is ideally most beneficial to be fitted with a hearing aid in both ears, not every patient is a candidate for wearing two hearing aids. 

You will next have to consider the style of the hearing aid or hearing aids that is best suited for your individual needs. Remember, hearing aids come in a variety of sizes. Some fit directly into your ear canal and some sit behind your ear. Even though, it is very appealing to try the smallest size hearing aid, the smallest may not always be best for you. For instance, some patients have arthritic hands making it very difficult to manipulate the tiny controls on the hearing aid. After you have thought about the size of the hearing aid it is important to consider the type of amplification. 

There Are Hearing Aids For Everyone's Hearing Loss and Everyone's Budget

Today's hearing aids are digital and are available in a variety of levels of technology which may range from simple to very sophisticated. Hearing aids have a variable price range and there is a hearing aid available that will suit everybody's budget. You must remember that the smaller the hearing aid the higher the price and also the more complex the hearing aid the higher the price.

Know Your Rights

Finally, you must know your rights prior to purchasing hearing aids. There are both federal laws as well as state laws which have been enforced to protect your rights as well as your safety. Federal laws state that you must be seen by both a medical doctor as well as the audiologist prior to the purchase of hearing aids. You as the patient have the right to waive these requirements but, it is not advised. New York State law requires that each new hearing aid wearer be provided with a 45 day trial period which begins after the actual purchase of the hearing aid.

Dr. Letzter has been an Audiologist in the State of New York for more than 20 years and she commends an individual for taking into consideration how hearing aids will enhance their lives. As a caring Audiologist, she feels an obligation to protect a potential hearing aid user to the possible drawbacks as well as the advantages of purchasing a new hearing aid. Therefore, please consider all of the above factors. In addition, do not hesitate to include family members in the final decision process. Remember, there are hearing aids out there to fit every individual's needs. The key point to remember is that every individual has unique needs and no two individual's needs are the same. Hearing aids are fitted on the basis of the individual's needs specific to him/her and the fitting is not based on cosmetic features alone. Your hearing aid experience should be informative, comfortable, enjoyable and rewarding. Most importantly, your experience with your hearing aids should be beneficial and improve your quality of life.

Choosing Hearing Aids
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