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Harmony Hearing & Speech Center Takes Pride in Introducing Aphasia Speaks of Long Island

Aphasia Speaks is a comprehensive social communication and instructional program that is designed to reinforce and improve social and communication skills for individuals affected by aphasia often caused by stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological disorders.

Aphasia Speaks was formed to provide an affordable program that enhances an individual’s communication and language skills in a friendly group environment. In addition, family and other caregivers are provided ongoing education and counseling which will reinforce their understanding of their loved ones’ communication difficulties, while at the same time providing caregivers with home based activities intended to enhance carryover to their loved one’s everyday lives.

Therefore, Aphasia Speaks is an ideal next step in aphasia recovery when formal therapy is no longer an option.

Research has clearly demonstrated the positive impact that group oriented supplementary stimulation has on language and communication, and how together with a structured program of caregiver education and counseling, a patient may continue to experience improved outcomes.

At Aphasia Speaks, individuals are given an opportunity to participate in a weekly program of planned activities that are designed to improve communication in their daily lives. Individuals will be engaged in a variety of tasks which will be planned to enhance socialization, conversation and activities of daily living that are enjoyable and meaningful.

Aphasia Speaks provides an atmosphere which is supportive, but also allows participants to spread their wings so that they can once again regain their use of language which is so important in communicating socially, emotionally and professionally.

Our groups are designed for all levels of functioning and participants will be screened in order to determine which group will be appropriate for them at the time of entrance into our program.

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Aphasia Socialization & Communication Groups for Stroke Survivors
Click here to join ASK LISA - Aphasia Speaks Konnection - Long Island Stroke Awareness on Facebook. This group was formed to provide a place to share information and ideas about aphasia resulting from stroke or brain injury.